Automotive Technical Writers Wanted

Do you have a solid, working knowledge of the ins and outs of street and race vehicles, coupled with a desire to make them perform better? Are you the one your gearhead buddies go to for answers about engine maintenance and upgrades? Do you know how to break down that info into understandable chunks? Do you know why an article on installing a Holley Accelerator pump still ranks high in search? If so, a national performance and racing website is seeking automotive writers like you: ones with technical know-how for hands-on tech pieces related to racing and performance. We cover everything from street mods to drag race to circle track, dirt racing, and off-road installs, primarily focusing on American OEMs. We want how-to pieces on installs, product reviews, engine swaps, performance upgrades and the basics of tuning to help readers, both those learning just learning how to work on their own vehicles, and those who’ve moved beyond the basics but still need guidance to boost performance. If you’ve got the enthusiasm and technical savvy to help amateur racers and auto enthusiasts learn more about their vehicles, contact us. is seeking writers with a background in racing and performance, or in automotive technical writing to contribute articles to our How-To section. These articles must provide accurate information and hands-on instruction.

This is a 100% freelance, telecommuting position. Assignments, writing, editing, and submissions are all handled through the online editor. All you need is a computer, internet access, and the ability to deliver accurate, informative copy.

Requirements include:
– Ability to write in a professional, informed tone while still injecting the appropriate level of personality.
– Experience with automotive trends and terminology.
– Strong research and fact checking skills.
– An appreciation for a passionate enthusiast audience.
– Prior writing or photography experience. If your technical know-how is strong enough, but you haven’t written professionally, consider applying anyway.