Vape Writer; $60-$80 (Anywhere)

Yo! Bangjuice® is a vape juice company that’s expanding globally. We are a team of close friends working on one common goal together. Because we want to move out of just the German regions (yep, we’re from Deutschland!), it also means we’re in need of super good writers that love the vaping scene!

What kind of job is this?

This is a writing gig (who would’ve guessed?) that can become a regular, long-term thing. You have relative freedom to write about anything and everything vaping and eliquid related.

We’ve got a long list of basic keywords to base your articles on. Most importantly, articles need to provide some kind of value to the reader. Whether it’s a tip on how to make the perfect mix of vape juice or simply flavor tips, letting our audience know through your post is all that we ask for.

Why you’ll want this gig:

  • It’s long-term and a regular gig if you’re good
  • You can choose what to write about from a huge list we’ve created
  • We pay on time
  • You can work remotely, anywhere in the world
  • If you write better in your underwear we won’t judge you

We’re offering you:

  • $60 for a 1600+ word article
  • $80 for a 2000+ word article
  • Opportunity to work with us full-time.
  • And an opportunity to step into a bigger role if you’re a good fit 

While we prefer to let you choose how many words to write per article, we know that the ideal article length is between 1800 and 2000 words. Provided the article is great quality it’s okay if articles go a little under or over!!

More details here